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Recognized as the most comprehensive youth hunting program anywhere in North America, the Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) is NRA’s “graduate studies” program in outdoor skills and safety training for young hunters. Open only to those who have completed hunter-safety training at the state or provincial level, the program is conducted under simulated hunting conditions to provide the best practical environment for reinforcing and testing a young hunter's skills.  LEARN MORE...

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2019-20 Oklahoma YHEC Events

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  • Norman YHEC

     Tri-City Gun Club
     Norman, Oklahoma
  • State YHEC
     Saturday, Oct 24, 2020

     Oklahoma City Gun Club
     Arcadia, Oklahoma


Hunter education covers a variety of topics including firearms safety, wildlife identification, wildlife conservation and management, survival, archery, muzzleloading and hunter responsibility. It is available as a standard  eight-hour course, the internet home study course and the workbook home study course.

Visit the Oklahoma Wildlife Department Hunter Education Website for more detailed information.



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